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The lab activity will consist of implementing 3 projects. You can chose the subject for each of them (choices listed below).

During the labs, we will discuss the projects and afterwards you will submit your solution (timetable listed below).

Evaluation: each project will receive a 1—10 grade, the final grade is their average. Exceptional project implementations can receive up to 12. Bonuses can be awarded for class work.



Note: I’ll be unavailable on 13 Apr and Easter break falls on 20 Apr.

Project choices:

For each project (P1, P2, P3) you can chose to implement any of the following:


Each project can get you a maximum grade indicated in the “Grade” column.

Programming languages: you can implement the projects in any language you want. I highly recommend C++ as it will also help you in your OOP course. Examples will be given in C++ as well.

Attendance: mandatory (at least for project submission). You can attent any lab in any week, just make sure to submit all of your projects.

Attendance, projects and grades: bit.ly/lab-lfa (Gr 134 & 135)

Moodle: moodle.fmi.unibuc.ro/course/view.php?=id=432


Stefan Niculae (Teaching Assistant) — [email protected]

Andrei Paun (Professor) — [email protected]