This supplement aims to be a quick-ref — between a lesson and a cheatsheet.

It has three purposes:

  1. help me organize what to write on the whiteboard
  2. help you quickly recap previous labs
  3. give you a quick run-down in case you skipped a lab (hopefully not used very often)

This page alone is not sufficient for the Declarative Programming class. It is not a substitute for solving the given exercises or for attending the lectures.

Administrative issues

Attendance: 50% required (7 labs) .


date medium importance content
fri, 11 nov (week 6) computer 40% recursion (lectures 1-4)
fri, 16 dec (week 11) paper 40% data types (lectures 5-7)
10 feb (session) paper 20% monads (lectures 8-12)

During exams you can bring your own downloaded/printed materials but network access is forbidden.

Bonuses (max 10%) for:

Lectures and exercises:

Labs supplement (this page):



Stefan Niculae (Teaching Assistant) — [email protected]

Traian Serbanuta (Professor) — [email protected]