Data Viz Workshop

Access this page at

Cloud setup (easiest)

  1. Open today's notebook:
    1. Feb 3: (a) Python [filled] · (b) Jupyter [filled] · (c) Extra
    2. Feb 11: (a) NumPy [filled] · (b) Pandas [filled]
    3. Feb 18: (a) Matplotlib [filled] · (b) Seaborn [filled] · (c) Extra [filled]
    4. Feb 25: (a) Plotly [filled] · (b) Dash [filled]
    5. Mar 3: Coronavirus map (
  2. In the top left menu: [File] > [Save a copy in Drive]
    Will ask to sign into your google account if not already signed in

Local setup

  1. git clone
    Open cloned repo: cd viz-workshop
  2. Install dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run the environment: jupyter lab
  4. Click the [File Browser] icon on the top left
    Double click today's notebook